Be Cautious of Stray Cats


Feeding stray cats, can come at a price. It may be hard to say no to those sad eyes but many stray cats can be ferrel. This means they have not been domesticated and have not had any human contact. These cats are often found roaming near wooded areas and fields, in hopes to find food. Because they live outdoors, they are exposed to wild animals. Wild animals like raccoons, opossums and bats can spread diseases and rabies to stray cats. You may be trying to help but be cautious when doing so. Many people have been attacked by stray cats and dogs over the years. This can result in possible rabies treatments, if the stray cat is infected with rabies. You will also have to pay other medical bills and depending on the severity of your cat bites and scratches, you may even need stitches. You will also be prescribed an antibiotic for cat bite and wounds along with other medicines for pain. So, if you see a stray cat around your home, don’t be too trusting. Remember, once you feed a stray animal, they will keep coming back.